Welcome Message

Welcome to my blaw-g. My name is Massie Block and you have officially made it to my blaw-g. If you have found any other blaw-gs that are labeled as my blaw-g, then you have found a fake. Don’t believe what they tell you. On here I will post outfits, C.S.O.T.U (current state of the union) routines and so much more. This page is ONLY for alphas who are curious what my life is like and need to know how to accept your true alpha powers. 

M. B.

( Here’s the link to my other blaw-g ): Second Blaw-g

(Here’s the link to my Polyvore account outfits): MassieBlocksPolyvore


Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.

I am not affiliated with Lisi Harrison, Poppy Books, or Alloy Entertainment in any way. If you have a major problem with a little role play blog feel free to click the little red “x” in your screen, instead of leaving a hateful comment that will be deleted. Keep in mind that Massie may not be owned by me, the plot ideas, writings, headers and backgrounds are made by the admin of this blog and are copyrighted under my name


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