School Morning Routine

6:00 am – Wake-up to alarm;Go to bathroom,there I will brush my teeth and brush my hair 

6:10 am – Yoga and protein shake

6:35 am – Take shower,wrap body in fluffy towel,wash my face

6:45 am – Do makeup,get changed in pre-picked outfit

6:55 am – Style hair

7:00 am – Pack purse,pack backpack 

7:05 am – High fiber healthy breakfast

7:15 am – Check computer for blog notifications,Facebook,twitter,Instagram,email

                    Check phone for messages 

7:30 am – Leave for school,pick up the girls


 3:00 pm – School let out,head to spa or other plans

3:30 pm – Arrive at home,Text boyfriend,Take Bean for a walk

4:00 pm – Jot down C.S.O.T.U

 5:30 pm – Arrive back at the estate,homework

6:30 pm – Dinner (Feed bean)

 7:00 pm – Long bath,take off makeup,wash face,change into pj’s (boyshorts & cami)

8:00 pm – Write in journal,Blaw-g,Facebook

 9:00 pm –  Plan outfit for tomorrow

 9:30 pm –  Study:magazines(TeenVogue,Seventeen,US Weekly),Read

10:00 pm – Lights out! Beauty Sleep



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