Vegetarian Diet – My Decision


1)Gluten Free Foods

2)Drinks – Water,Juices,Drinkable Yogurt

3)Veggies – Tomatoes,Carrots,Potatoes,Cauliflower,etc.

4)Fruits – Apples,Oranges,Bananas,Kiwi,Strawberries,etc.

5)Dairy – Yogurt,Milk,Eggs,Sour Cream,Dressings

6)Starches – Rice Spaghetti Noodles,Bread,etc.

7)Tofu or “fake” meat



1)Fried Apples & Yogurt

2)Orange Cauliflower & Gluten Free Rice

3)Veggie Tray

4)Spaghetti Noodles w/ Fried Apples

5)Apples & Yogurt Sandwich

6)Cereal w/ Milk & Yogurt


Why I want To Be Vegetarian:

    For 2-3 months before (or during). I will go vegetarian to lose at least 5 to 10 pounds naturally without any weight lost plans or supplements.I will exercise daily ( morning yoga) and (nighttime cardio) to reduce fat.I will not eat or drink any sugary or unhealthy foods or drinks.


P.S. I hope you will continue to follow this blog even after my decision to go vegetarian.



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