Pretty Committee Packing List:


Pretty Committee Packing List

The Pretty Committee’s Master Packing List

-Cropped bomber jackets with furry hoods
-Nothing past the knees
-Wool and cashmere coats (for nights)
-Matching hat and glove sets only (strictly for warmth) Nothing you would ever wear skiing

-Uggs (knee-high only)
-Cowboy boots for night
-Rhinestone-covered Keds (if you dare)

-Sexy V-necks
-Earth tones only
-No Juicy Couture sweats (jeans, purses, and tops are okay)
-C&C tank tops for layering
-Cute dresses for night
-No waffle shirts or any other form of long john you might wear skiing

-Dark wash jeans
-Cords (earth tones only)
-Skirts for night (nothing below the knee)
-Tights (no black)
-No long johns

-Cami’s and boy shorts. End of story.

-Massie only: Necklaces (as many as the neck can hold)
-Diamond studs
-Gold hoops
-Rings (all kinds)
-Watches (all kinds. Even Baby G-Shock are okay, Claire)
-Brooches are so out. Leave them behind

-Portable DVD players (and chargers)
-Cell phones (and chargers)
-Sidekicks (and chargers)
-Video Cameras (and chargers)
-iPods/iPod shuffles/iPod minis/iPod nanos (and chargers)
-Portable speakers (and plugs)
-Bose noise reduction headphones (extra AAA batteries)
-Digital cameras (and chargers)
-No game boys (antisocial. Besides, boys will have them. Good excuse to talk to them.)
-Flashlight optional (do they run on batteries? If so, bring batteries.)

-Bras (ALICIA!)
-Underwear (No granny panties, Claire.)

-Face Soap
-Body Soap
-Razor, shaving cream
-Perfume (one for day/one for night)
-Makeup remover
-Electric toothbrush
-Dental Floss
-Eyelash curlers
-Zit Cream
-Nail polish (top and base coat too)
-Nail polish remover
-Nail file
-Cuticle clipper
-Eye shadopw
-Lip gloss
-Lip balm
-Deep conditioner
-Leave-in conditioner
-Hair dryer
-Curling Iron
-Antifrizz serum
-Shine serum
-Bug spray

-Scented candles
-Gum (sugar-free)
-Lavender scented sheet spray
-Satin blindfolds for sleeping
-Shower Cap
-Hair clips and elastics


Hope this helps you pack for whenever!


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