Fall Inspiration – Fall Dinner Party

Fall Inspiration - Fall Dinner Party


Loser Beyond Repair Routine

Routine For ALL Lbr’s

Below is a schedule I have made for any lbr’s who want to be in on an alpha’s life. No, this routine is not as Alpha as mine,  but it’s close enough.


5:40 AM – Wake up,brush hair,brush teeth


5:55 AM – Yoga in cabana(outside or inside),drink water or a protein shake


6:15 AM – Wash face,take shower,eat a quick high fiber breakfast


6:45 AM – Brush teeth again,put on makeup,change into pre-picked outfit


6:57 AM – Put shoes on,Pack purse,Finish touches


7:04 AM – Time to leave for school(if you leave later or earlier,fast-forward to when you do leave.)


7:35 AM through 3:00 PM – Learn at OCD


3:40 PM – Drop girls off,arrive at estate


3:45 PM – Grab a healthy snack,start Home-Work


4:05 PM – Pack up bag,Make bed,do chores


4:55 PM – Watch Netflix,YouTube,check AIM,email,blaw-g,etc.


5:45 PM – Take bean for nightly walk, visit Alicia

*jot down the C.S.O.T.U.


6:15 PM – Eat dinner w/ family,feed bean


7:10 PM – Take a long,bubble bath,take make-up off,wash face,wash & condition,shave if needed


7:55 PM – Wrap body in fluffy towel,apply lotion to body,slip on slippers


8:00 PM – Get changed into pj’s


8:05 PM – Read,Watch YouTube,Netflix,check Aim,Email,Blaw-g


9:00 PM – Study:Magazines(Teen-Vogue,

Vogue,US Weekly,etc.)(read if you prefer)


9:45 PM – Blow out candles,turn on radio


9:50 PM – Start a short cardio workout session


10:00 PM – Get into bed,Beauty Sleep!